Interview With Kelly Calabrese…

Kelly Calabrese’s lingerie isn’t your regular run of the mill bra and panties.  Her pieces have a dark romantic vibe to them that you aren’t going to find shopping at Victoria Secret, which to me and a lot of other ladies out there, sounds perfect!  Getting her feet wet as a designer making punk clothes for her friends, Kelly has transformed her love for creating into a handmade lingerie line that is truly unique.  If frill and lace isn’t your thing, Kelly Calabrese Lingerie is your Valentine’s Day go to!
Below Kelly talks about how she started out, what inspired her to start her line, her Valentine’s Day playlist (including one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs!), and more.
After reading about your determination via Facebook I knew I just had to interview you!  Can you give the readers a little back ground about how you started out?
When I was about 12 years old I discovered the Punk genre, I was obsessed. I wanted to wear clothes similar to Siouxsie Sioux, Wendy Williams from The Plasmatics and Brody Dalle from the Distillers, none of which I could find. My great-grandmother, Nonna, taught me how to use her sewing machine and make my own patterns. From then on I would spend countless hours at Nonnas house reproducing outfits that my heroes wore, soon all of my friends wanted their own custom punk clothing. You could say since then my craft has become much higher quality and, errr, a lot less punk, still have my values though.
unnamedWhat inspired you to create your own lingerie line?
Funny enough, I was in a toxic relationship at the time and didn’t have much confidence.  I decided to go out and buy some lingerie from some common retailers. Once I got home and started to put the garments on, my confidence began plummeting again, I felt like a silly 7-year-old playing dress up, I looked like an uncomfortable cupcake, I felt like an idiot.  I sat around for a long time trying to examine the situation, wondered why lingerie wasn’t curing my relationship, why lingerie wasn’t magically granting me this fairy tale confidence, then it dawned on me; that lingerie was not for me. Corsets, garters, ruffled panties and pasties are not my style, therefore I did not feel comfortable in them, only leading to zero confidence to walk out of my bedroom and face my partner. 
I’d like to think of my lingerie line the same way I think of how the sun touches certain parts of my skin through the curtains in the morning.  I strive to create garments that accent your beauty and do not change your shape, mentally and psychically. Confidence is the key to happiness. I always take on custom orders and I’m improving my craft daily to accommodate every size and shape. 
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Curiosity. Coffee. The Rolling Stones echoing through the house. Brunch. The idea of skipping around the house in my underwear and a robe.
What is your favorite piece in your collection?
My favorite piece from my collection would have to be any of the Risorgimento harnesses that I offer. They are simple imageand dead sexy. The name holds a lot of value to me as well, risorgimento translates “to rise again” in Italian. 
Five song Valentine’s Day playlist… Go!
Rolling Stones — She’s a Rainbow
Chad Vangaalen — Blonde Hash
The Brian Jonestown Massacre — I Want To Hold Your Other Hand
The Stooges — I Need Somebody
The Black Angels — True Believers
Where can readers shop for your beautiful pieces?

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  1. I think Kelly is so talented, creative and brave to not follow trends and design from her heart. She has a passion to make a statement with her creativity, but in the same token, her designs are wearable and sexy. Bravo Miss Calabrese !!

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