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Fill it Up…

waterMy new favorite way to get hydrated is with the innovative Waterfiller filtered water bottle.  It has sleek design, a straw that’s completely covered and protected when you aren’t drinking, it’s BPA free, dishwasher safe, easy to use for kids, and I happen to think its pretty.

The carbon filter removes bad tastes, odors, and chlorine from ordinary tap water so you can fill up on the go.

 Waterfiller is the cleanest water bottle on the planet!

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Can You Feel the Beat?

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I’m the first to admit that I have terrible rhythm.  So, when I first heard of the drumming workout class “Pound”  I had a feeling I wouldn’t be signing up anytime soon.  But I finally talked myself into it and let me tell you it was a blast and is totally effective!

Pound  combines strength training, cardio, and drumming moves.  It raises the heart rate to a fat burning zone and it honestly seems to fly by, because you’re so distracted by trying to keep the beat!  After my first class I could see and feel results, which made me return for  more.

So I challenge you to go and channel your inner rock star!

Click here to find a class in your area!

NYC Workout…

sltWorking out while on vacation isn’t ideal, but I like to trick myself into a “no excuses” mentality so I was thrilled that my girlfriend Michelle introduced me to my new favorite pilates studio in NYC.  SLT (strength, lengthen, tone) is a sweat inducing pilates class right in the heart of Soho.  The teacher was encouraging, helped with my overall form, and played a very inspiring playlist.  And when you’re done you can head down to Earth Bar in Equinox and grab a cold pressed juice!

More info here.

Go Buy This…



New You, the fresh new beauty magazine that focuses on the future of beauty and anti-aging hit stands this January.  New You will bring the most cutting edge products and procedures, while bringing readers a unique education about beauty and anti-aging therapies.

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