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Ribbet collage

Daria on the cover of French Vogue

Cult Gaia headbands

Clementine Perfume Oil

Ben Tsui and I had our editorial published by


Making A Splash…


Model: Veronica Taylor

Photographer: Ben Tsui

Hair, Makeup, Styling: Veronica Taylor


Summer, Summer, Summer…

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Current Obsessions…

Ribbet collage



Peonies for summer

Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil

Bare Minerals SPF30 Natural Sunscreen

Any bikini made by Zimmerman



She’s A Woman…

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Renn Does it Again…

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Crystal Renn for Hunger

Read the Interview Here


Tickle Time…


If you are looking for a new sunblock that wont melt and is easy to put on the kiddies, Anne Heche has created the perfect sunblock for you.

By putting mineral sunscreen in a makeup brush tube she eliminated all the rubbing in and greasy mess of the usual sunblock kind.  All you need to do is brush the sunblock onto face, neck, arms, and you are good to go!

Tickle Time by Anne Heche Sunblock for Kids, $35

Available here


The Dog Days of Summer

 (Don’t we all wish we looked like Cindy when we sweat?)

The dog days of summer are almost over, but as the sun keeps reminding me it’s not quite over yet.  Now, while I love a good beach day, long outdoor hikes, and all the freedom that summer seems to bring, I can’t stand the inevitable breakouts caused by the sweat that the summer sun curses me with each year.  Besides heading to my facialist more frequently during these scorching months here are my top tips on how to beat those pesky bumps:

1.  Exfoliate More Frequently

Dead skin may block sweat glands which means that moisture is getting trapped and breeding with bacteria.  This will eventually turn into acne.  And it’s not going to only appear on your face!  So, make sure to exfoliate everywhere you think you might break out.

2.  Use a Stronger Toner

Use a toner that will kill and remove bacteria, but make sure not to use this during the winter months unless you have oily skin year round. Also, don’t be afraid to use a stronger toner on the chest and back especially post workout.  Discontinue use if dryness occurs which can cause breakouts to worsen.

3.  Invest In a Clarisonic Mia

Heat makes the pores open wider which means you need to make sure you are deep cleaning them and the Clarisonic brush is a fantastic tool to do just that.

4. Change out Your Moisturizer 

To beat summer acne you have to control the oil glands from over producing.  Using the same moisturizer you use in the dry winter months isn’t going to help the skin stay clear,  So try to use a light lotion instead of a heavy cream.

5.  Drink More Water

Staying hydrated is important not only to keep joints lubricated, protect the spinal cord and other important tissues, but most importantly it removes waste from the body.  During the hotter months our bodies tend to lose more water due to sweating more frequently, so even if you don’t feel thirsty it’s important to keep replenishing your body with water, your face will thank you!